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The ongoing crisis in West Bengal ignored by the media has left thousands of Bengali Hindus with no choice but to flee their homes and fend for their lives.

BHASUK and other Paribar organisations are providing aid to hundreds of families forced to live in makeshift camps. Recently BHAS UK (Bengali Hindu Adarsh Sangh – Pariwar organisation from the UK) Karyakartas, along with local Sangh and BJP team, visited displaced families to distribute some necessary food grains, clothes etc., who were victims of brutal violence by Muslim jihadis supported by TMC.

These families were forced to leave their ancestral home. This situation reminds us of times when Hindus fled their homes from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir. Their house has been looted as well as demolished by the TMC supported goons using JCB. They are currently living in several different hideouts and fearful of their lives as Law enforcement personals are stretched thin and under the thumb of the ruling party. Many spent the first few days in parks, stations, open-air with families.

The ongoing crisis has especially taken a toll on young children. They are unable to go to school, unable to play, they are unable to live freely. In a democracy, everyone has the rights to vote for whoever they want. Their parents have supported Political parties with different ideologies, but what is their fault? Why are they being punished? Are they not allowed to live in peace, are they not allowed to grow up like a normal child?

BHAS UK team has spoken to them and listened to their plight. The experiences they shared with us are heartbreaking, traumatic. We have taken their interviews. Their experience in post-election West Bengal will melt your heart and boil your blood. The details were so explicit that we chose not to share them with you. The condition of these people are deteriorating every day; many efforts are being made to support them from Hindutva Pariwar, but it not enough.

We, the NRI’s living abroad, must do much more. Otherwise, we won’t be able to forgive ourselves.

BHAS UK will be sending another consignment of relief to displaced BJP & RSS Karyakartas of Birbhum this week.

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